Keep Your Family Safe With These Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Christmas is a wonderful and festive time of year, but the one thing that people don’t usually think about is the danger involved with trees.

Each year homes burn or people get injured due to not using best practices and being cautious.

It’s not just live trees that have safety concerns, but those that are artificial as well.

If you plan to have a tree of any type in your home, here are some tips to keep your family safe this holiday season.

Check your bulbs

If you find any bulbs that are burnt out while checking your lights, be sure to replace them to avoid electrical hazards.

It’s also important to throw away strings of lights that you suspect may have a short in the cord or other potentially dangerous problems.

Keep candles far away from any tree

Some people place traditional candles around their trees for the illumination, which can look nice.

However, the appearance of such a set up isn’t worth the fire hazard.

Two alternatives are LED candles without a flame or pre decorated Christmas trees that incorporate lights.

Be mindful of the type of ornaments you use if you have kids or pets

Since young children and curious pets can get seriously injured if they happen to break an ornament, either elevate your tree so that it stays out of their reach or opt for high quality pre decorated Christmas trees with well secured ornaments.

If you choose the latter, opt for one with unbreakable decorations made of wood or plastic.

Properly prepare your live tree

It’s easy to see the allure of live Christmas trees — they’re a truly beautiful sight, and the scent that wafts from them is unlike anything else.

However, they can be a bigger fire hazard than artificial trees, especially if they get overly dry.

Before you go buy or cut down a live Christmas tree, plan where you’re going to put it.

It should be at least three feet from any type of heat or flame, radiator, HVAC vent, fireplace, or light source.

Once you have the tree home, cut two inches from its trunk and place it in a stand with a water dish.

Be sure to water your tree daily, otherwise you run the risk of it dying well before Christmas day comes.

Quickly dispose of your live tree safely, and pack artificial trees away carefully

Live trees will only continue to dry out over time, and that’s a huge fire hazard.

To eliminate this issue, look into recycling options in your area before you even go to buy a tree.

Many areas offer to pick up trees with the weekly trash after Christmas, otherwise you’ll need to call around to recycling centers.

Don’t try to store leftover live trees in your garage, basement, or attic, as that’s unsafe.

If you plan to have an artificial tree, pack it into its box or a storage container and seal it in a dry place until next year.

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