How To Use Whitening Strips

As time goes on, our teeth may lose their beauty, either due to staining or due to any other factor.

This might be caused by different factors and not necessarily due to poor hygiene.

What you should note is that staining or yellowing of your teeth sometimes may not be avoidable and hence it is important to come up with a remedy mechanism to deal with this because after all, you need to maintain a good smile.

One of the best ways that you can use to deal with this situation is by applying whitening strips on your teeth.

However, you should do some thorough background research to make sure that you choose the best whitening strips for your teeth.

Read on to know how to use this whitening strip for maximum efficiency.

Carefully read the user manual- Although most of these strips are applied in the same way, it is very important that you carefully follow the instructions as stipulated in the user manual.

This is because some whitening strips may have different user instructions.

It is also important that you know all the associated health risks associated with each brand of these whiteners.

Brush your teeth- Before applying these strips, it is very important that you brush your teeth and mouth.

This is to ensure that no food material or bacteria is trapped in between which could lead to more damage to your teeth.

However, make sure that you give your teeth some quality time after brushing before you start the application of these strips.

Prepare the strips- After you have properly washed your mouth, it is important that you prepare the strips and ensure that you are using the right strip at the appropriate position.

You can then carefully apply the strips, following the instructions.

As you apply, make sure that the gel coated part of your strip makes contact with your teeth.

Ensure that your teeth are completely covered by the strip and work on any uneven or bumpy area.

When applying, ensure that the strips do not make contact with your gums as this could irritate your gums or even burn them.

Give the strips enough time- After you have applied the strips on your teeth, it is important that you give them enough time to work on your teeth.

Most brands will require different duration and it is therefore important that you read the instructions carefully to know the specific waiting time.

Take the whitening strips off- After you have given the strips enough time, you should then carefully peel them off.

Ensure that the strips don’t exceed the allowed time as this might damage or irritate your gums or teeth.

Please note that, contrary to what most people believe, leaving the strips to stay on your teeth for more than the allowable time won’t make your teeth any whiter.

Clean your mouth- After removing the strips, wash your mouth, rinsing thoroughly with water.

Ensure that you have removed the whitening gel and be careful to ensure that you don’t swallow too much of this stuff.

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