Coleman Backpacking Stove: Perfect Trail Companion

A portable propane stove can make life easier on the trail.

It takes much less time to start a propane stove than to build a fire.

It is also easier to control the flame and the temperature in the same manner that one does on their stove at home.

Coleman is one of the leading brands when it comes to high-quality camping gear.

A Coleman backpacking stove gives you an advantage on the trail.

The biggest consideration when purchasing a Coleman backpacking stove is weight and space.

Unlike when you are camping with a car or an RV, when you are backpacking, space and weight must be considered in every decision in terms of gear.

Coleman makes both small and large propane canisters that can be refilled at locations around the country.

Some stoves have two burners, which are good for group camping, but many Coleman backpacking stove models are specifically designed for the backpacker, or ultralight backpacker in mind.

They fold small and can be set up quickly.

Propane stoves are clean burning and many of them are now self-priming.

However, one disadvantage of the Coleman backpacking stove is that like all propane stoves, their heating efficiency will drop as the pressure lowers in the cartridge.

Most Coleman propane stoves will boil water in about two minutes.

This is pretty fast and not only helps you get the necessities done and get back on the trail, it also helps to conserve fuel.

Coleman pressure control is adjusted so that the flame is not wasted, making fuel canisters last longer.

This is important especially when one is in a remote area and will not be able to refill the canister anytime soon.

The average canister will last approximately 2 ½ hours of total cooking time.

This allows you to plan your usage throughout the entire trip.

Dual fuel models allow you to use liquid fuel, which is much more efficient than propane.

One gallon of liquid fuel will last approximately as long as 4.5 cylinders of propane.

This gives you over eight hours of cooking time on the trail, but they are also heavier and add additional fuel weight to your pack load.

One of the best features about any model of Coleman backpacking stove is that they are made with white bases for stability and safety.

There sturdy and durable, making them easily withstand harsh conditions.

Coleman has a reputation for making stoves that will last for many years.

Their technology includes wind baffles that help to protect the flame from windy conditions, which every camper knows they will encounter at some time.

One thing to keep in mind is that backpacking stoves are smaller than those that are designed for average camping conditions at a campground.

They are not made to hold regular pots from your kitchen.

However, Coleman also makes a special set of pans and utensils that are designed specifically for their stove.

As with their stoves and other equipment, the sets are lightweight and made specifically for the backpacker who wants to go as light as possible.

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