Buying Guide for the Best Oversized Patio Umbrellas

Oversized patio umbrellas are large umbrellas that are set for outdoor leisure activities.

You can use it as a dining shade where you have your meals, or you set up some seats for resting during the day.

Patio umbrellas come in different sizes, materials and also design for customers to choose from.

Some of the areas that you can use your patio umbrellas at include; the garden area, at the pool area or the entrance of your home.

Before you buy or choose the kind of umbrella you need for your home use, here are some buying guides to help you make the right choice for a patio umbrella.

The size of the umbrella

The large patio umbrella comes in different sizes to suit different customers’ needs.

As a customer, there are some factors that you need to consider before you select the umbrella of your choice.

For example, you need to know how much space you need to cover and how much space is available for the umbrella to fit.

You don’t need an umbrella that will cover the entire entrance area and leave no room for smooth passage.

So before you head to the shop to buy the umbrella, take the measurements of the area that you want to set up the tent and use it to buy an excellent fitting umbrella.

Note that if you are using the umbrella with a dining table or other seats, the umbrella should relatively extend past the furniture to secure people from the sun while seated there or to shield the seats from getting sun damaged.

The height

Although you are 5 feet tall, you will not be the only one using the umbrella.

Your guests may be six feet or more than that and therefore to make sure that everyone fits well under the umbrella, make sure you buy an umbrella with an extended patio umbrella pole.

If the umbrella that you like has a standard height such that cannot be adjusted, ensure the pole has a height of about 7 feet tall.

If you find an adjustable patio umbrella, make sure that it can be adjusted up to 7 feet tall.

The base

The base of the umbrella is a crucial part to look at since if it is not heavy, then the umbrella will keep on falling especially during the windy times.

This may also end up damaging your umbrella.

So, before you buy your oversized umbrella, make sure the pole base is strong enough to accommodate the weight of the umbrella.

The best weight of the umbrella should range from 50 pounds and above.

The material

The shades come in different materials.

The choice of the umbrella material is determined by the owner’s needs or even the weather climates.

If you live in areas that tend to rains a lot you may consider an umbrella that is made of canvas umbrella since it is strong enough to withstand the heavy rains.

If you want an umbrella that lets in enough light during the day, then a light material will be ideal for you.

The type of umbrellas

The umbrellas are made of three different types which include tilting, cantilever umbrellas, and free standing umbrellas.

The tilting and cantilever umbrellas are suitable for those who want an umbrella that they can turn to cover the direction that the sun is coming from.

Standard umbrellas do not move, but they provide ample shade to the sitting area.

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