Benefits of Temporary Auto Insurance

It might seem easier to just cut down on your annual policy when you need temporary auto insurance.

However, taking this insurance is more beneficial.

The benefits of this are:

No Claims Discount

When you have an annual policy, you have a no claim discount.

This means that if you have made no claims during a year then you are considered a safe driver.

This reduces the premium for the next year.

Adding a driver to your annual policy can put your no claim discount into jeopardy.

It happens because if the driver makes a claim on the car then your premium next year can shoot up.

Therefore, to avoid this from happening it is better to buy temporary auto insurance.

It ensures that any claim made by the driver would be from the temporary and not the annual policy.

Hence it leaves no impact on the premium of your annual policy.

Mid Term Adjustment

Adding a driver to your annual policy can be very messy as you will be doing mid-term adjustments on your policy.

You will require the driver’s licenses, residence proof, age and various other documents.

Even if you have all these documents ready, you will have to do it by phone or going to your insurance company.

Additionally, the amended insurance certificate can days to arrive, making the process extremely lengthy and a hassle.

Buying temporary auto insurance is hassle free and it takes only minutes.

You have to just get on a call with the insurance company and it will be done within minutes.

Instant purchase and delivery

There will be no waiting for the insurance certificate to arrive by post.

Once you have met all the insurance criteria, your insurance is activated within 15 minutes.

The insurance certificate is also mailed straight away which you can print from anywhere.

The motors insurance database will be given a notice of your insurance within 24 hours.

It sometimes takes even lesser time.


The temporary auto insurance is extremely flexible.

You can book it in 28 days advance also.

Other than this, there is no restriction on the number of vehicles.

The vehicles need to be of approved model and you are also set.

You can also purchase a policy for one vehicle for say 3-4 days then when you change the vehicle then you can take another policy for the days you will have another vehicle.

You can keep doing this if you are someone who changes between vehicles often.The number of days is also flexible.

If you are borrowing a car for 7-8 days then you can take a policy for only that many days.

As long as the number of days is within one month, you can insure it for the days of your choice.

Just cutting down your annual policy or adding drivers to your current policy may seem the easy way out.

However, this is not the case.

Temporary car insurance is more useful, flexible and hassle-free.

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